We have the skills, experience and expertise to design and install a cost-effective wired or wireless local area network for your office or home.
Our extensive services include site surveys, network planning, design and implementation with our experience ensuring the effective and timely delivery of voice, data and unified communications platforms. Our network solutions enable higher productivity, enhanced service provision and reduced costs.

Areas in which our network experts can assist your organisation include:

  • Wide Area Networks, including leased lines
  • Local Area Networks, including Ethernet and wi-fi (WLAN) solutions
  • Workplace and public networks, including community access
  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Mesh wi-fi networks
  • Cloud computing

Our networking expertise is ideally complemented by other skills sets which mean we can deliver fully integrated business communications solutions. These may embrace everything from VoiP telephony, through video conferencing, unified communications through to handsets, headset and accessories.