X-Core M-Banker

Microfinance is evolving. Increasingly, MFIs have to take banking operations to the field, closer to the micro-businesses and entrepreneurs they serve. Historically, this activity meant serious challenges for MFIs, from securing customer confidence in a system outside the branch to inefficiencies and fraud.

  • M-banker is a mobile banking system that can work on both Android and IOS devices
  • M-banker can be used 24/7 wherever a mobile connection is available
    24/7 access to all important customer information for effective service delivery
    MFIs have to deal with challenges such as the high percentage of banking operations outside branches, remote location of collection centres, higher ratio of field officers to branch employees, and large volumes of transactions.
  • Following extensive consultations and the partnerships developed with more than 20 MFIs in Africa to design a system to introduce efficiency in these operations, N-Web Plus is proud to introduce XCORE M-banker.

XCORE M-banker features

  • View customer details: Check detailed information about individual clients and groups
  • View account details: Explore extensive information about Loan and Savings accounts
  • Collection Sheet: Apply all transactions to every account in the Centre from one place
  • Task list: Monitor and prepare for upcoming meetings
  • View transactions history: Check the history of transactions by the client and view their loan installment and repayment details
  • Apply transactions: Repay loan, apply charge, make deposit, apply adjustment, make withdrawal
  • Sign up new accounts: Open new savings accounts in the field
  • Loan application: New loan applications can be made in the field, and when eventually approved, the disbursement can be done infield.
  • Location finder: The branch manager will be able at any time to establish the location of the field agent via GPS location
    tracking throughout the day.

XCORE M-banker is a mobile/branchless banking system that enables the MFI to carry out complete banking transactions at the customer’s place of business, under complete real-time monitoring by the supervisor back at the office.
Thanks to N-Web Plus’s unique and cutting-edge technology, this mobile banking system using smartphones and tablets will introduce major efficiency and improved productivity previously unimaginable.
XCORE M-banker is a mobile management information system which provides key functionality to microfinance institutions: client management, portfolio management, loan repayment tracking, fee and savings transactions, new accounts opening and loan applications, and reporting.
XCORE M-banker allows users to view the most important information about the customers and accounts and to perform financial operations. M-banker directly connects to your existing MIS, so every transaction performed the mobile device is automatically reflected in the core banking system.